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Past Forward

A Subtle Prayer


Going thru some personal upheavals, thinking about people that I have helped to achieve their dreams and yet, those RARE moments that I have needed help… few are around for me.  Just thinking about it.


Then as I sit here listening to the soothing jazz sounds of Paul Hardcastle’s “Shelbi” I wandered to a time where my late friend Lee Andrew Kirk and I sat around just chilling, talking about life. 


Lee was a master at singing and was one of my best friends in life.  We were really like brothers.  He was someone I knew that if I needed help, he would try to help me if he could.  I know that he knew how valuable he was to me as my friend.  We were in Jack and Jill together and I started out being his Brother Ron’s friend but as we got older, as we changed and time moved on, as friends moved away and thusly we also changed, Lee and I really began to appreciate our friendship.  I remember that Toyota Corolla he had and I also remember that Chevy S10 pickup.  I remember that Lee smoked a LOT of weed and drank a LOT of beer and what makes this all so strange is that we were very good friends but I didn’t do any of the vices that he did.  Lee was a ladies man and I was a shy kid.  We didn’t really have anything in common but we were still like brothers and I helped him whenever he asked me to.  I miss my friend.


Now when I want to see Lee I call his sister Connie.  We have had our crazy spats, silly make up arguments and all that but I know that we are just venting on each other because we both miss our brother.


Thinking back into time, of all the families in Jack and Jill, I suppose between the Kirks and Kings there was really only one other, the Robinsons.  Of course with the Kings there was Boo, Clinton, John and Marjohn and with the Robinsons there was Andrew, Ben and Larinda.  Man that takes me B A C K.  I remember going to their homes and all the fun times we had and also the funerals too.  My family is dying all around me and I cannot stand it.  They are alive yet they are dying too.


Then now I look at my friends, people like Jerry Harris and Vernon Crayton, two very good people that I call friend and I compare them to the Lee Kirks and Boo Kings in my life and it makes me pause… I have so much to be thankful for.


It’s NOT ABOUT all the people I help or befriend, it’s about all the people that pray for me and that allow me to help them have quality of life for whatever time we are here on this rock.  I am so blessed to realize this and now I feel so much better.


Thank you Lord for allowing me to love my friends, for allowing me the peace of understanding that no matter how sad, I am happy to know what and who I know and that I pray that they feel this sense of peace and understanding too.  Amen