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I love you with my heart
My soul is content to caress,
I love the way that you make me feel
I found this truth amongst things we do
People we share and know
There is no way to rhyme the words
That my happiness champions, the flow.

I love you all that I truly love
It is complicated to explain
Yet so simple to feel All Of You
Especially whenever without,
The void always causes pain.

I love to feel this way still
Although rare when mutually held
Not primal or lustful things, indeed
This virtuoso simply sings

My love is an effervescent climax
Of time gone slowly by
The events woven into life's fabric
I am smiling, happy and here is why:
It's not about what you think it is
Contrarily eventually that too
But moreso the journey getting round to that spot
Which matters most, more often than not.

It is all about the journey
why I picked the path I chose
Not who or when or even how
God positioned us together... In prose
The details often unappreciated
Misunderstood and ballyhooed
Still I smile the same happily inside
Knowing that even sometimes foolishly

I am not the real fool...

If I offer you my heart, my love and my time
And you cannot appreciate me
Then who is the real fool?
If I am generous and giving
But you take and never give,
Then who is the real fool?
Am I the fool if my intentions are clean
Or is the fool the one who goes unseen?

Remember that it is all about the journey
And not who is the real fool...
Then answer the question
With your heart.


I write from my soul meaning every letter of every word

Unfurling thoughts generously shared and told

Confuse no more whatever you "think" I mean

I am neither brash, cocky or bold


Ponder exactly what those words really mean

Say it together and think.



One cannot love with limits when there are no limits to love
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