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Make no mistake, in THIS case, I am the moth not the flame and I cannot resist the beguiling yet hurtful game.

I am miserable and happy at the same time right now.  It is nothing short of a weird fish*out-of-water experience, never before fathomed. What events lead to the cusp of this catalytic event where I will awaken the guilty and innocent equally. Surly effective but not pretty.  My gloves are about to come off.  What am I rambling about? 

ALL OF YOU inclusive of me

Do you believe that God so loved the world that he gave his own son to show his love for humanity so that our sins would not prevent us from entering Heaven?  I am not God nor am I Jesus, still I will not perish because I believe.  What do you believe? 

Do you believe in LOVE or do you believe that love and sex are the same?  What does any of that have to do with this story?  If you don't understand then it really means that you don't get me yet. Simply put, for those that abuse my love, who take me for granted and fail to restore and reciprocate what I freely give, I will show little mercy because I am not Jesus and I do not forgive you since you do whatever insult it is that you do to me unrepentantly.  There is no true "I'm sorry" or "It won't happen again" because you are not sorry and it will continue since you apparently see NO error in your ways.  God may forgive you but I do not.

WHO am I speaking of?  You know who you are based on what you have done or have failed to do.

My wraith is not silver nor does it uphill rolls yet I will remove all temptation as my disappointment clearly unfolds... I refer a colored flower adjacent a prickly thorn, You must handle me with care before your welcome is outworn. I write in tersly verse to make my point clear Yet I doubt few will get me like the flame to the moth near... You drew me close only to seer my heart cold, Do I deserve to be hurt this way, My cards were great yet still I must fold? This round to the Devil, For he will celebrate a win But 'tis only one round between two erstwhile long-term friends. My heart feels blunderous, Inside a moated wall, My anger certainly thunderous... Still reluctant to make the first call... You not I the transgressor The source of all my pain, How doest I save the friendship... Pardon prevent any salty rain?  Tell me friends between us, Where did we go wrong? Does this poem answer the question or should I just make it into a song?



One cannot love with limits when there are no limits to love
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