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understanding how I think



How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways

Travailing thru an existence

Both happy and forlorn days


Forsaken dreams entwined

Potential breif enemy

Anxiety, reverie and passion

Always set muted thoughts free


From the shadows where I stand

Shade casts a subtle yet trembling thought

Of once a great opportunity... Unfolded

A heart thrown and passed yet uncaught


Pondering this moment of memory

A dream never truly dies

Time comes and goes for us all

But unfortunately so also do lies


Stories of love not quite understood

Or the machinations entailed

Bit actors often play with other's hearts

Interfering while hoping for fail


Regardless unable to counter the truth

For my memories and dreams are great

Life is like a mystery I say

Greatest treasure to those who wait


Patience a definite virtue

When sifting thru lies of truth

It's always best to overlook the obvious

Whenever jealousy rules the roost



Let me count the ways...



One cannot love with limits when there are no limits to love
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