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Free Thinker

Imagine walking into a building
Being the true gentleman that you are
Opening a door for a strange lady
Who just exited from her parked car 
Later within a few moments
Feeling aggravated disdain
From people working in that cold glassy place
You feel fear, comfort, loathing and pain. 
There within that moment
having light banter… no purpose at all
Is politics rightfully man’s religion’s
True rise and tumultuous fall? 
Or is it the other way around
Pondering man’s indecent descent
To argue right or wrong to the death if need be
No winner over pride’s intent. 
I look back on the conversation now
I imagined I had the other day
She jokingly said she was a Druid
As a cute reaction of pray.
I mused, "If politics were a religion
Then why can’t we all just get along?"
Her educated guess rolled out and about
Amongst the den of ears, a throng 
We started disagreeing to disagree
On semantics of WHO was in charge best
She claimed women ran it before Christianity
I retorted, “Ah Hah! That’s the cause of THIS mess!” 
Imagine had I never went in that building
Never dared open that particular door
Never had that conversation with that lady
Or filtered these thoughts before 
Imagine I'm not going blind...
Therefore might never comprehend
That two stranger’s imaginations
Could touch and possibly become friend 
But for just imagination’s potentiality
To jump obstacles and find a way
Without the freedom to imagine
Tis what I mean to convey.



One cannot love with limits when there are no limits to love
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