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The Mouse

I know a few grown men like this...




To my friend The Mouse:

How can you be in bliss

It’s both funny and sad, still the same

What was once sweet must now be a bitter kiss


For when she claims that she loves you

What it more likely REALLY means

Is that she wants to change you

THAT'S her ruthless scheme


And when she says that she cares

Forever and always

It’s really only the truth

If her manipulation of you stays


But if she really loved you

She’d accept you as she can

Why change whatever attracted her to you

You need to buck up boy and be a man


To transform you from you

Will not give a true heart...

Control, not love her objective

From the beginning, the very start


To wrap you about her fingers

Her world and especially bed

The love you believe is a hoax

Because respect for you is long dead


What kind of woman would want a mouse

Unless she wants to be the man too

What sort of man would allow it

But a weak and spineless fool


You're much better alone

Than getting caught up in a mouse trap

Trying to make something wrong work right

Isn’t worth the cheese or the flap


But a mouse can’t see that

Even if a friend like me tells him so

He’s blinded for his need for the cheese

Ignoring what he should already know.



One cannot love with limits when there are no limits to love
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